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The most cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah (Jiddah) is the “gem” of the Red Sea, and second in size only to the capital city of Riyadh. Located mid-way along the coast of the Kingdom, Jeddah it is the busiest of all the Kingdom’s ports. In addition to being the country’s principle port, Jeddah is the main point of entry into Saudi Arabia for the hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims on their way to the Holy Cities of Makkah (Mecca) and Madinah. View more

Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Muhammed and contains the holiest cities of Islam. Jeddah is, surprisingly, named in honour of the biblical Eve. “Jadda” means “grandmother” in the context of Eve, who according to legend is buried near the historical old city. Due to its harsh climate, the settlement of Saudi Arabia and much of the Arabian Peninsula was limited to those few oases and cities along trade routes. Jeddah, founded as a small fishing village more than 2,500 years ago, was located along the trade route from India to the Middle East and Mediterranean, thus ensuring its slow growth. In the 16th century, the city was fortified by the Turks with a stone wall as a defence against the Portuguese. Jeddah remained under Ottoman rule until 1915, so the Turkish influence on the city, particularly on its architecture was strong. Today, the city is a unique combination of both the new and old. At first glance, Jeddah is a splendid, modern metropolis, with its contemporary glass and steel buildings, tree-lined avenues and bronze statues. 

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Excursiones en Jeddah

Jeddah Past and Present

Experience both the past and present of historic Jeddah, well known as “the pearl of the Red Sea”. Departing the port, your morning begins with a drive through the Islamic Port to the Old Jeddah.

Old Town “Al-Balad”
Balad literally means 'the town' and refers to the area of the City where the tribes of fishermen settled 2,500 years ago. Today, the district of Balad in Jeddah is dotted with architectural splendours that can be traced back to the early days of the fisherman. One of the most interesting aspects you notice while travelling through this district is the urbanization of the area. The old structures are never pulled down and most of them are renovated for longer survival. This bestows an old world charm to Balad. The Old City is a remarkable sight which reflects upon the 2500 year old history of the city.

Al-Shafi Mosque
The most ancient mosque of Jeddah. Al Shafee Mosque stands near the centre of Al Balad and is reached most easily via the Souq.

Nassif House
One of the most magnificent ancient mansions, Nassif House is considered a symbol of Jeddah’s rich past. It has 106 rooms, many of which contain pieces of traditional art, such as decorated tile and Arabic calligraphy.

Qomosani House
This is one of the oldest homes in the old city, built more than 200 years ago. This beautiful house is owned today by the 2nd mayor of Jeddah. The house has very large wooded façade, which makes it stand out.

During the tour, enjoy some shopping time in downtown Gold Market.

The Corniche stretches about 80 miles (130km) along the Red Sea and is major landmark of the City. The focal point of the Corniche in a small bay facing the downtown district is the King Fahad Fountain. Along the Corniche there are variety of sculptures and monuments built by some famous artists like Henry Moore or Joan Miro.

Fish Market
The Fish Market is a hub of activity and a large part of Jeddah’s history. Fishermen begin arriving at sunrise with their daily catches. The locals enjoy early morning auctions of a wide variety of fresh fish, shark, prawns and other sea species from the Red Sea. Your visit here is a taste of traditional life in this bustling city.

This tour requires advanced booking at, by the deadline date listed above, and may not be booked on board. Please Note: Due to government restrictions, guests are not allowed to go ashore independently, only with an organised shore excursion or private arrangement. Local conditions may be challenging, therefore we urge flexibility and understanding as we visit this unique destination. Due to limited infrastructure in this port, the buses and guides may not be up to Western standards but are the best available in this particular area for your tour. A moderate amount of walking in the old town and the souq is required. Conservative dress is necessary; no shorts or sleeveless tops should be worn. Ladies must wear the “Abaya” (light weight black cloak) over their clothing. When reserving your tour, ladies must also pre-order an abaya on our website at Please select the appropriate size for you. These will be delivered onboard the ship only to those guests who have placed their order before the published deadline. Shops will be closed for the prayer periods. Order of sites may vary.

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