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Located in the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula, this land of myth and legend is today open to the world after centuries of complete isolation. Yemen is proud of its history which is reflected in present day life with surprising and fascinating contrasts. Its roots are based at the convergence of time and space, at the crossroads of the spice, incense, myrrh and gold routes, and the meeting point of the Far East and the Mediterranean. View more

Biblical towns overlook at dramatic landscape, terraced fields are scattered around forbidding fortresses and winding paths climb up the cliffs and the highlands, linking a number of villages and hamlets whose origin is lost in the mists of time. Yemen's history comprises three periods: the ancient age, with its flourishing kingdoms of Saba, Qataban, Himyar and Hadramout; the middle age, during which began the islamization of the country; and the third age, which encompasses the period of the Turkish occupation from 1536 to 1638 and - in the northern regions only - from 1872 to 1918, while Aden in the south was occupied by Great Britain in 1839. North Yemen, independent since 1918, was ruled by the Imams up to the revolution in 1962, when it became the Arab Republic of Yemen. South Yemen, the former British protectorate, obtained its independence in 1967 and was named the Democratic People's Republic of Yemen. On May 22, 1990, the two parts merged to form today's Republic of Yemen, with Sana'a as its capital. Hodeidah, or Al Hudaydah, is the port for Sana'a and the Red Sea gateway to Yemen. It is also the capital of Al Hudaydah province. The bustling, industrial city functions as the country's chief port for exporting coffee and dates. Hodeidah itself does not offer many attractions to visitors and therefore no city sightseeing is provided, except for a complimentary shuttle bus service to the town center. Instead, trips into the villages of the mountainous interior or the capital city of Sana'a should not be missed. The distance to Sana'a from Hodeidah is 144 miles, part of it on steep, winding mountain road often blocked by traffic jams. Please Note: Moderate dress is appropriate when going ashore in this port. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the Port of Hodeidah. It is located nine miles from town. Taxis are generally available at the port. Be sure to negotiate the price before starting out. Shopping Hodeidah offers limited shopping possibilities. Lovers of good coffee will appreciate the excellent Yemeni coffee that is grown in the mountains. It can be purchased in local stores, loose or vacuum-packed. The local currency is the riyal. Cuisine Yemeni restaurants are generally geared for locals. The better places are found in the hotels. Kebabs are popular and so is fresh seafood. The national dish is a thick, fiery stew called salta, with the main ingredient lamb or chicken. Bottled water and soft drinks are readily available. Alcoholic drinks are only available in hotels; it is illegal to drink alcohol outside hotels. Other Sites Fish Market Get a glimpse of local activities at the bustling fish market. Fishermen returning from the sea in the early morning hours display numerous species of fish and shellfish. People's Garden Although Hodeidah is a fairly large and spread out city, it does not take long to see its attractions. The focal point is the People's Garden with a huge fountain in its center. Turkish Quarters This section forms the oldest part of Hodeidah. It extends from the old market area. Red Sea Houses Note these typical houses found in Hodeidah. They are three or four stories high with wooden balconies and plaster-decorated walls.

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