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A charming fishing village and port in the middle of Iceland's eastern fjords, Eskifjörður is surrounded by a spectacular panorama of glaciers, icebergs, volcanoes and waterfalls accessible via land and boat. Two mountains, Eskja and Hólmatindur, dominate the fjord; Hólmatindur is renowned by locals as the most beautiful mountain in the vicinity. In 1786, Eskifjörður was established as an official trading post and has been a commercial centre since 1798. In 1998, Eskifjörður joined Neskaupstaður and Reyðarfjörður to form the new municipality of Fjarðabyggð, or 'fjords-settlement'. View more

Since village culture and industry has been shaped by the sea, a stroll through Eskifjörður is recommended. Along the way, historical buildings, piers and the Maritime Museum offer a splendid look at the vestiges of the town's seafaring history, as does the Randulfssjóhús Lodge, unchanged since 1890. You can taste the shark and dried fish still produced here utilizing traditional methods observed for generations, or set sail around the picturesque fjord and try your hand at fishing the teeming coastal waters. Eskifjörður's geology is especially notable for producing some of the most beautiful and exquisite stones in existence. Some of the world's largest spar crystals have been excavated from one of the most famous spar mines along the coast, and thousands of polished, cut and original stones from all over the island are displayed in the Sören & Sigurborg Stone Museum, and the Petra Collection in Stöðvarfjörður. Due to its compact size, Eskifjörður can be easily explored in just a single day.

An Introduction to Silversea Cruises

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Excursiones en Eskifjordur

Travel back in time to Reydarfjordur Village

Visit the small town of Reyðarfjörður with glorious mountain views, the Icelandic wartime museum, and the Nature Reserve Hólmanes.


Board the coach for a short drive to Reyðarfjörður. Like most other towns in the East Fjords of Iceland, it is surrounded with magnificent mountains. A stop will be made in the center of the town to take a short walk on gravel path up to the wartime museum.

Wartime Museum

The Icelandic wartime museum provides insights into Icelandic life during the World War II, there you will get to know the life as it was in Iceland during that time, meet and be able to speak with locals. During the time at the museum a wreath laying will take place on behalf of the group.

Nature reserve Hólmanes

Board the coach for a short drive to the Nature Reserve Hólmanes, there is a plethora of bird life in the area and unique rock formations abound. There we will get a spectacular view of the fjord and have time for a photo stop.

Please note: This tour requires a moderate amount of walking .6 mile (.9 kilometre) and is suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair; however, guests must be able to embark and disembark the coach via the bus steps. There is a hill to walk up to go to the museum however if you do not want to walk up the hill there is a bus that you can take.

A Guided Stroll around the town of Eskifjördur

Eskifjörður is a charming seaside village, showing the Norwegian influences. See the line of piers and other waterfront structures, along with colourfully painted houses, give the town an immensely charming character.

Since the sea has long influenced the village culture and industry, it´s enjoyable simply walking and looking around. The first stop will be at the church and the waterfall for the opportunity for a photo stop. You will then walk through the town having the chance to speak with the locals and stop at a local stone collection. End the tour with a photo stop by the Maritime museum, and from there it is just a short walk back to the ship. Here you have the opportunity to take the last stroll to the ship, or stay behind and visit the museum (entrance to the Maritime museum is not included.). Enjoy a sample of local pastries along the way.

Please note: This tour requires a moderate amount of walking 1.9 miles (3 kilometres) and is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair; however, guests must be able to embark and disembark the coach via the bus steps. Sturdy, closed shoes with rubber or non-slip soles are recommended.

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