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The tenth most populous city in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro is a highly urbanized city located on Macajalar Bay. Cagayan de Oro means River of Gold, which has been the name of the city since approximately 1622 when the Spanish Augustinian Recollect friars arrived, though the place was first inhabited by island native population in 377 CE. The Cagayan de Oro River is known for its rushing rapids, making it the most popular whitewater rafting location in the Philippines. View more

In contrast to some urban populations, the inhabitants of this city are known for their warm and friendly demeanor, and because of the city’s immigrant history the food selections are diverse, with Chinese, Korean and Western Austronesian influence. The Saint Augustine Cathedral is a popular tourist destination and is surrounded by parks situated along the river. Other attractions include the Museo de Oro highlighting the findings of a nearby excavation of folklore, a number of waterfalls, and Monigue Cave featuring unique crystal formations.

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“Voyage of a lifetime” does not even begin to describe a Silversea Expedition experience. Imagine the comfort and intimacy of our ships, coupled with the most intriguing, far-flung destinations on earth. With over 590 destinations on all 7 continents, this is expedition cruising at its finest. Our uniquely curated itineraries with excursions adapted to individual ability and interest cater to all, while our knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts lead the way. Butler service, highest crew to guest ration in the industry and all-inclusivity make a Silversea Expedition cruise like nothing you have ever experienced.

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Manila A Koror
  • Asia
  • Silversea Expeditions
  • Salida
    abr 30, 2018
  • Duración
    13 Días
  • Barco
    Silver Discoverer

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