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Known as ‘The Town of the Northern Lights’, Norway's Alta brings the extraordinary scenery of the far north to you, along with a surprising degree of comfort. While it may be one of the most northerly locations in Europe, you'll find a milder climate waiting here than in many other locations of a similar latitude, and quickly feel at home in this impressively cosmopolitan town. View more

Alta’s located in Norway’s most northern region, and although it’s Finnmark's most populated town, extraordinary adventure beckons, as you explore this wild landscape of ice and snow.

An Introduction to Silversea Cruises

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Excursiones en Alta

River Boat Safari

The Alta River has been an important place for fun, food and commerce in Alta for centuries. Rich in salmon and other fish, the river continues to attract sport fishermen from around the world. Even Norway's King comes here every year to fish!


Board the coach and relax for the journey outside of Alta to Sorrisniva. After donning the safety gear step into a long and narrow riverboat - a style that has been used since the old days, perfect for navigating the sometimes shallow and rapidly flowing river. You'll explore the river, banked by forests and watched over by the distant glacier-carved mountains, and learn about the competition for fish and fishing that has been going on almost since people arrived in the river valley.

At the end of the river boat voyage, enjoy a snack of freshly-made Norwegian-style waffles and coffee.

Next board the coach for more local stories from your tour guide as you travel back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves moderate walking over rough ground and some uneven paths to negotiate. It is not suggested for guests who are vulnerable to motion sickness. This tour is not recommended for guests with limited mobility or for those who utilise a wheelchair. Local currency is required for restroom facilities. Guests should dress in seasonal clothing and wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. Rain gear is recommended in the event of inclement weather.

Alta City and Museum

Alta may be a modern city but it has not forgotten its rich historical past, visiting the Alta Museum that celebrates the area's dramatic legacy and charming culture.

Alta Museum

After boarding the coach, you will depart the pier and wind your way through the city for the short trip to the Alta Museum, which is dedicated to the preservation and documentation of the rock art in and around Finnmark. Perched atop a small hill overlooking a sparkling fjord, the museum not only boasts interior displays of rock carving stones but is also situated next to one of the five rock art sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Once you arrive at the museum, take a leisurely stroll along the outdoor path that is arranged around the rock carving area. The well-marked walkway is dotted with 13 stopping points that give you an up close look at the 3,000 petroglyphs on display in the open-air museum.

As the path leads down a gently sloping hill to the fjord you'll notice that the markings appear to have themes. Look closely and you'll see what appear to be boats and fish, hunters, moose, reindeer, bears and fertility symbols.

A walk inside the museum reveals ancient rock carving stones, as well as sacred art from the late middle Ages, silver treasures, and artifacts of the Sami culture.

Afterwards, board the coach for the relaxing ride back to your ship

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking approximately 1.3 miles (2 kilometres). This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility and guests who utilise a wheelchair. The tour sequence may vary to avoid congestion. Local currency is required for restroom facilities, any local purchases or any beverages and snacks. Local vehicles are utilised; coaches may not be equipped with air-conditioned cooling.

Pæskatun & Canyon Huskies

Although Alta is situated at the 70th latitude, pine forests and fertile land covers the wide valley; in fact this is the northernmost place on earth where you can grow barley. Depart the pier and visit Pæskatun before making a stop at the Canyon Huskies


Alta slate is known worldwide for its strength and quality. Depart the pier by coach for the scenic drive to the neighboring town of Pæskatun. Located high up on a slope, the quarry overlooks the entire valley.

Pæskatun is renowned for its fine slate, which is used for furniture, monuments, signs, giftware, and other products. To get an idea of just how difficult it is to turn large slabs into thin plates, this tour of the museum, which consists of two old slate cabins that tells the history of the slate industry in Alta. One cabin recreates the living quarters of slate workers in the old days, including furniture and tools. In the other cabin you can see how very old tools developed into the equipment the miners use today.

Canyon Huskies

Next a visit to a dog kennel is made, where you'll meet adorable huskies. Learn about their importance in Alta's snow covered hills and valleys. Dog sledding is a way of life in northern Norway during winter. Not only do locals use a team to get around but sled dog races are common.

Later, relax with a cup of coffee or tea in a log cabin around an open fire before boarding the bus for the scenic trip back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves minimal walking over uneven surfaces and is suitable for guests with limited mobility but is not wheelchair accessible. The dogs may jump up in happiness to greet visitors and guests should expect to get dirty from the dogs paws. However, going near the dogs is strictly optional as the dogs can be seen from a safe distance. We suggest wearing seasonal clothing and comfortable, walking shoes that you do not mind getting soiled. Local currency is required for restroom facilities. Local vehicles are utilised; coaches may not be equipped with air-conditioned cooling.

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