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Algiers, with a total population of 2.9 million inhabitants, is Algeria’s largest city and the capital of the country. It is nicknamed "Alger la Blanch" or "Algiers the White" for the glistening white buildings seen sloping up from the sea. It is located on the southern coast of Mediterranean Sea, in the north part of the country. A cluster of picturesque islets once situated just off-shore have now been annexed into part of the city. View more

Seaside Algiers still manages to have some of the charm of the Cote d'Azur but with the feeling of a more modern, bustling city. Algeria is often claimed to be the crossroads of three cultures - Mediterranean, Muslim, and African. In Roman times a small town called Icosium existed on what is now the marine quarter of the city. The present city was founded in 944 by Buluggin ibn Ziri, the founder of the Zirid-Senhaja dynasty. The islet in front of the harbor, subsequently known as the Penon, had been occupied by the Spaniards as early as 1302. Thereafter a considerable trade grew up between Algiers and Spain. From the 17th century, Algiers, free of Ottoman control and sited on the periphery of both the Ottoman and European economic spheres, turned to piracy. The history of Algiers from 1830 to 1962 is bound to the larger history of Algeria and its struggles with France. In 1962, after a bloody struggle for independence in which hundreds of thousands of died (a million according to official Algerian history) the country finally gained its independence from France with Algiers as its capital. Since then, despite losing almost its entire European population, the city has expanded massively - it now has almost 3 million inhabitants, or 10% of Algeria's population - and its suburbs now cover most of the surrounding Metidja plain. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the port of Algiers. Guests are only permitted ashore with Silversea shore excursions. Shopping Pottery, traditional dress, carpets, jewelry and local handicrafts make for genuine Algerian souvenirs. Carpet patterns are distinct according to regions. Price and quality vary accordingly. A unique item to Algeria is the “rose des sables” or sand rose. This crystalline structure grows below the desert sands, often to impressive dimensions. State run shops, offering, a wide range of handicrafts and souvenirs, are a good place for comparative pricing. Store hours are normally from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The local currency is the dinar. Cuisine Fresh seafood, lamb dishes and couscous are found on most menus. Other Sites Attractions in and around Algiers are covered in the organized shore excursions.

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