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Located on the northern coast of East Java, Pasuruan City lies just adjacent to its more rural but separate counterpart, Pasuruan Regency (in Indonesia, regencies are rural areas while cities are more densely populated, with each possessing their own local government systems). Predominantly Muslim, Pasuruan City is graced with beautiful examples of Islamic architecture, including the Masjid Kota (city mosque). The city was established in 1707 by the Dutch, who established a fort (called Pasoeroean). The transfer of the city to Malang in 1934 precipitated Pasuruan͛s industrial decline. View more

However, the city still has active engineering, ship-building and rice-milling industries, among others in this city of 190,000. The cityscape and harbor display a combination of modern and old-fashioned elements, including dilapidated fishing boats actively used alongside more modern water craft. Visitors on land may see the manicured, palm tree-lined town square, bordered by the beautiful Jami ͚Al Anwar mosque. Another main attraction for tourists is Mount Bromo, known for its beautiful vistas, especially at sunrise. Those staying at sea level can enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisine, including nasi punel, a spicy dish made with rice, tofu, beef and coconut that is served on a banana leaf.

An Introduction to Silversea Expeditions

“Voyage of a lifetime” does not even begin to describe a Silversea Expedition experience. Imagine the comfort and intimacy of our ships, coupled with the most intriguing, far-flung destinations on earth. With over 590 destinations on all 7 continents, this is expedition cruising at its finest. Our uniquely curated itineraries with excursions adapted to individual ability and interest cater to all, while our knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts lead the way. Butler service, highest crew to guest ration in the industry and all-inclusivity make a Silversea Expedition cruise like nothing you have ever experienced.

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