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Joal Fadiouth

Joal Fadiout is a picturesque village located southeast of Dakar in Senegal. It is an island but is connected to the mainland with a wooden foot bridge. The community living on the Fadiout Island is a mix of Christian and Muslim faiths and live traditional lifestyles based on artesian fishing. View more

The tides are dramatic in this area and on the low tide many people can be seen out on the mangrove mudflats collecting cockles, oysters, murex snails, conch and fishing with seine nets from their pirogues and swimming in the shallows. The island is entirely comprised of shell piled up by the people living here for thousands of years. The streets are clean, neat, narrow and beg for photography. Visitors can see the traditional men’s houses where they gather to govern and socialize, or can see the sacred baobab tree adjacent to statues of saints. In addition to walking the inhabited island of Fadiout, visitors also may walk to the adjacent shell island cemetery and amongst the Muslim and Christian graves, where the highest point provides lovely views.

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