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Hagi is a former castle town located in the middle of Yamaguchi prefecture along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It is surrounded by the ocean, mountain and Abugawa River. Early in the 17th century, Terumoto Mori built Hagi Castle at the foot of Mt. Shizuki-yama, and the area served as the seat of the Yamaguchi prefecture government until the middle of 19th century. View more

Around then, Hagi produced many capable men who played a leading role in the construction of modern day Japan, including Hirobumi Ito who became the first prime minister in Japan. You will still see a castle town itself which was built 400 years ago and you can get the feel of how it was like during the Samurai period. During your visit, we recommend experiencing the Hagi-yaki pottery which was brought from Korea in the early 17th century. Its colour is very unique and changes over time due to its porous nature. You can find many craft shops specialized for Hagi-yaki pottery all over the town. Last but not least, do not forget that Hagi is also famous for summer tangerines, and there are several shops which sells soft ice cream with summer tangerine flavour.

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