Friends of the Society Programme

When your new-to-Silversea friends sail with you, as a sponsoring Venetian Society member, you will receive:

• $250 Shipboard Credit – Available on designated Venetian Society voyages

• Double Cruise Days – Available on any Silversea sailing.
As an example, if you and your friends sail together on a 15-day voyage, you will accrue a total of 30 Cruise Days.

• Friends who sail with you on a designated Venetian Society voyage will enjoy the same 5% Venetian Society savings that are available to you, as well as any applicable Silver Savings. This benefit is limited to a maximum of four friends in two additional suites.

A certificate of redemption must be submitted prior to the cruise and signed by the sponsoring Venetian Society member in order for Friends of the Society programme to be honoured. Full terms and conditions are available on the form below.

Friends of The Society Request Form

Asia Pacific: Friends of the Society Request Form