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World Cruise 2015 - Guest Lecturers and Speakers

Silversea's World Cruise guests enjoy world-class lectures presented by respected experts in a variety of fields. Topics and speakers are timed to relate to the itinerary and enhance your understanding of the places you'll visit and the sights you'll see.

JON FLEMING Destination Consultant  |  Jon Fleming | Voyage 4501 - 4508
Travelling the world has been Jon Fleming's passion since his rail trip through Europe at the age of 18. Since then our Destination Consultant has visited over 100 countries and has lectured on almost 120 voyages worldwide.

Click here to read the 2014 World Cruise Blog by Jon Fleming and join us as we follow the tradewinds of time.
Tracy Fleming Photographer | Tracy Fleming | Voyage 4501- 4508
Tracy has been fascinated by photography ever since asking for her first Brownie camera at the age of 9, which led to her building her own darkroom soon after. Unluckily for her, she was also adept at Mathematics, so she ended up studying this at York University, and then spent the next 14 years working as a Chartered Accountant in London.
Robert Freedman World Affairs and Middle East Expert | Robert Freedman | Voyage 4501
Dr. Robert O. Freedman is Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, where he lectures on the Middle East and on Russian foreign policy. The author of five books on Soviet and Russian foreign policy, most recently Russia, Iran and the Nuclear Question: The Putin Record.
Pieter de Vries Cinematographer and Filmmaker | Pieter de Vries | Voyage 4502
Pieter de Vries is an internationally recognised Cinematographer and Filmmaker and has photographed many acclaimed television series over thirty seven years spanning around eighty six countries. He has received world-wide recognition and numerous awards for his cinematography.
John Foley Great Barrier Reef Pilot, Lecturer | John Foley | Voyage 4502
Captain John Foley is a Great Barrier Reef pilot who combines his professional pilotage with informative lectures. He has travelled on several Silversea ships over the years, both as pilot and lecturer, and will be well known to many past guests on South Pacific cruises.
John Stainton Australian Filmmaker | John Stainton | Voyage 4503
John Stainton started his television career as a cameraman - producing and directing television commercials and music clips in the 1970's. In 1976 he won his first national award from the Television Society of Australia for 'Best Documentary of the Year' for "Journey to a Legend".
Michael V. Hayden Former Director, CIA and NSA |  General Michael V. Hayden | Voyage 4503
As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, 2006-09, General Michael Hayden was responsible for overseeing the collection of information concerning the plans, intentions, and capabilities of America's adversaries; producing timely analysis for decision makers; and conducting covert operations to thwart terrorists and other enemies of the United States.
Bill Boggs Television Personality and Author | Bill Boggs | Voyage 4504
Bill Boggs is a four-time Emmy Award-winning TV talk show host and producer, best-selling author and professional speaker. His Off-Broadway play, Talk Show Confidential and his novel, At First Sight, were recently optioned for a Hollywood screenplay inspired by his life and work.
Barry Mccaffrey Former White House Drug Czar, NBC Analyst General | Barry McCaffrey | Voyage 4505
Barry McCaffrey served in the United States Army for 32 years and retired as a four-star General. At retirement, he was the most highly decorated serving General, having been awarded three Purple Heart medals (wounded in combat three times), two Distinguished Service Crosses (the nation's second highest award for valor) and two Silver Stars for valor.
Alan Nazareth Former Indian Ambassador |  Alan Nazareth | Voyage 4506
Educated at Loyola College Madras, Pascal Alan Nazareth was selected for the Indian Foreign Service in May 1959 and served in India's diplomatic missions in Tokyo, Rangoon, Lima and London before his first Ambassadorial appointment in 1979 as High Commissioner/Ambassador of India to Ghana, Liberia, Upper Volta and Togo
Dr. George Losey Marine Biologist | Dr. George Losey | Voyage 4506
A Professor of Zoology and Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii, George received his Ph.D. at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and has studied the behavior and ecology of marine animals throughout the world.
Rob Prentis South Africa Expert, Tour Guide |  Rob Prentis | Voyage 4507
Rob Prentis is a fifth generation South African. He has majors in English and History from the University of South Africa and post graduate qualifications from the University of Cape Town. Rob taught English literature and history for some 40 years and was a school headmaster for 25 years.
Tony Leon South African Ambassador, Former Opposition Leader |  Tony Leon | Voyage 4507
For nearly 20 years Tony Leon was a Member of Parliament in South Africa, and for thirteen years he led the Democratic Alliance. He began his political career in the antiapartheid Progressive party and became the longest serving Leader of the Opposition since the advent of democracy in April 1994.
Neil Leifer Renowned Filmmaker and Photographer | Neil Leifer | Voyage 4508
Neil Leifer's photography career has spanned over 50 years since becoming a professional while still in his teens. Beginning in 1960, his pictures regularly appeared in every major national magazine, including the Saturday Evening Post, Look, LIFE, Newsweek, Time and, most often, Sports Illustrated.
Henry and Monica Bradsher Journalists, Intelligence Experts | Henry and Monica Bradsher | Voyage 4508
A Senior Henry has won American national prizes in two different careers, journalism and intelligence, and Monica has won national awards for educational work. After serving overseas as a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, Henry reported from South Asia for The Associated Press for five years and then was AP bureau chief in Moscow for 4-1/2 years.

Guest lecturers and speakers are subject to change without notice.