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World Cruise 2013 Guest Lecturers and Speakers

As part of the Silver Perspectives® programme, enjoy lectures by a glittering spectrum of world-class experts. And thanks to the intimate size of Silver Whisper, you can mingle and get to know them as fellow guests.


MICHAEL BUERK | VOYAGE 4301 , 4302  | JAN 05 - FEB 04
Michael Buerk has worked as a BBC news correspondent in more than sixty countries and has won numerous awards, including Television Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society, Golden Nymph at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, and the National Headliner and George Polk awards in the US.
Thomson Smillie is among the highest-rated lecturers on the world's most exclusive cruise lines. He combines scholarship with wit and deep understanding of his art and of his audience. Career highlights have included 12 years with Scottish Opera and 17 seasons as general director of Kentucky Opera.
TERRY WAITE   TERRY WAITE | VOYAGE 4301 , 4302  | JAN 05 - 25
As envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Terry Waite successfully negotiated the release of hostages in Iran and Libya during the 1980s. In 1987, negotiating the release of hostages in Beirut, Waite was himself taken hostage and held in captivity for 1,763 days. Following his release in 1991, Waite decided on a career change and now writes, lectures and devotes more than half his time to humanitarian activities.
Dr Gavin McLean   DR. GAVIN MCLEAN | VOYAGE 4302 | JAN 25 - FEB 02
New Zealand's leading maritime historian, Dr Gavin McLean is the Senior Historian with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage in Wellington. He has written nearly 40 books, ranging from the Governor-General's history to popular histories of New Zealand cities. In 2009/10 he curated an exhibition on prime ministers at the NZ National Portrait Gallery.
John Stainton   JOHN STAINTON | VOYAGE 4302  | JAN 25 - FEB 04
John Stainton won his first national award from the Television Society of Australia for 'Best Documentary of the Year' for Journey to a Legend and in 1992 he launched an unknown Steve Irwin onto Australian television with a blockbuster documentary titled The Crocodile Hunter. This initial one-hour program grew over the years to 300 TV episodes.
A graduate of The Australian Ballet School, Perth-born David McAllister joined The Australian Ballet in 1983. He was promoted to Senior Artist in 1986 and to Principal Artist in January 1989. In 1985 he won a Bronze Medal at the Fifth International Ballet Competition in Moscow, and in 1989 he was guest artist with The National Ballet of Canada. David became Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet in July 2001. He was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2004 and was elected Vice President of the Royal Academy of Dance in 2005.
Realising that increasing numbers of people "don't know their apostrophe from their elbow," British author Lynne Truss wrote Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation that became a bestseller both in Britain and the US. She is also author of Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door. Lynn worked as a TV critic and sports columnist for The Times of London, and won Columnist of the Year for her work in Woman's Journal.
Mike O'Brien   MIKE O'BRIEN | VOYAGE 4303 | FEB 04 - FEB 25
Major General Mike O'Brien graduated from Australia's Royal Military College, Duntroon and served as a platoon commander and intelligence officer in the Vietnam War. He later wrote the history of his battalion that was published in 1995 and short-listed for a British military history prize.
Paul Stevens   PAUL STEVENS | VOYAGE 4303 | FEB 04 - FEB 25
Major General Paul Stevens is currently a member of the Australian War Memorial Council, and in recent years has held the positions of Director of the Office of Australian War Graves, and Commissioner on the Repatriation Commission. He has a long-term interest in history, which formed the basis of his tertiary studies, and played a significant part in these appointments. He is a Vietnam Veteran, and his military career included terms as Commanding Officer of the School of Artillery, Director of Studies of the Australian Command and Staff College, and the Army Chief of Personnel. He is a graduate of the Canadian National Defence College.
Denise Heywood is an author, journalist and photographer, who has lectured at universities throughout Britain, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Europe. Most recently she returned from Cambodia, where she worked as a journalist for three years. Now based in London, she lectures at the National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies and for the School of Oriental and African Studies.
Riedel, Bruce    BRUCE RIEDEL | VOYAGE 4305 | MAR 08 - MAR 24
A Senior Fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, Bruce Riedel has been a senior advisor on Middle East Policy for the last four US Presidents. He was with the CIA for 29 years and was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Career Medal. In January 2009, President Obama asked Riedel to chair a review and make recommendations for U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan, which were subsequently announced to the public in March. He is a graduate of Brown and Harvard and the Royal College of Defense Studies in London, author of The Search for al Qaeda: Its Leadership, Ideology and Future, and currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
Rodney Baldwin   RODNEY BALDWIN | VOYAGE 4305 | MAR 08 - MAR 24
Major Rodney Baldwin (ex-New Zealand Army) is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Australia and has a Masters degree from Harvard University. He was also a Guest Scholar at Brookings Institution in Washington DC, and was on the staff of the Military Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General in New York.
Travelling the world has been Jon Fleming's passion since his rail trip through Europe at the age of 18. Since then our Destination Consultant has visited over 100 countries and has lectured on almost 120 voyages worldwide.
Mark Elovitz   MARK H. ELOVITZ | VOYAGE 4306  | MAR 24 - APRIL 05
As Director of the Centre for Strategic Geopolitics, Dr. Elovitz is recognised for his penetrating insights into world affairs. He served in Washington during the Carter and Reagan administrations as advisor on public policy, and has testified before the U.S. Congress' Committee on Foreign Affairs.
A member of Parliament for 28 years, Mr. Leon became South Africa's ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in 2009. He played a significant role during his country's transition to democracy, and has published two books including On the ContraryLeading the Opposition in a Democratic South Africa, which won the Via Africa Recht Malan Award.
Nigel West   NIGEL WEST | VOYAGE 4307 | APR 05 - MAY 01
Nigel is a renowned military historian specialising in intelligence. He was a member of the House of Commons for ten years and is currently European editor of the International Journal of Intelligence. According to London's Sunday Times, "His information is so precise, many believe he is the unofficial historian of the secret services."
Philip Hurst   PHILIP HURST | VOYAGE 4307 | APR 05 - MAY 01
An international lawyer, lecturer and writer, Philip has advised African governments and multilateral organisations. His "Beyond the Headlines" public seminar was recognised for its "outstanding innovation" by the Financial Times, and he has been cited as the U.K.'s pre-eminent lawyer in his field.
Will Friedwald   WILL FRIEDWALD | VOYAGE 4307 | APR 26 - MAY 04
Will Friedwald writes about jazz and popular music for The Wall Street Journal and is the author of eight books on music and popular culture, including the new and critically acclaimed A Biographical Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers.

Guest lecturers and speakers are subject to change without notice.