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Associazione per le Chiese del Patriarcato di Venezia (“Chorus”)

Committed to the safeguarding, conservation and restoration of the architectural and artistic heritage of the churches of Venice — home to more than 1,000 works of art — is the Venice-based non-profit “Chorus”. By embracing the principle of "conserve by use", Chorus promotes visits to 16 Venetian churches through the sale of its Chorus Pass. Priced under ten Euros, the pass includes a map and fact sheet, and is an economical option that encourages travellers to visit as many churches as possible — without having to pay the entry fee at each church. All Silversea guests purchasing an optional pre- or post-cruise land programme with a one-night minimum stay in Venice will receive the Chorus Pass.

Learn more about Chorus at www.chorusvenezia.org