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Silversea's luxury cruise ships navigate the world's oceans, connecting people with distant lands and cultures. Along the way, Silversea guests collect memories of unique experiences and spectacular sceneries and obtain a deeper understanding of our planet.

Silversea is committed to protecting and preserving the earth's natural, historic and cultural treasures. Silversea also has a profound appreciation and special dependence on the health of the world's seas, and is devoted to ensuring the safe operation of their vessels and maintaining full compliance with international environmental regulations.

Silversea proudly partners with a number of esteemed organisations through joint programmes that reflect Silversea’s goals for global compassion and conservation:

IAATO – International Association for Antarctic Tour Operators
AECO – Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Save Venice
Associazione per le Chiese del Patriarcato di Venezia (“Chorus”)