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Silversea has partnered with Slow Food Promozione in a collaboration that will focus on highlighting the Italian heritage of the cuisine served onboard in La Terrazza.

Silversea takes great pride in supporting Slow Food's mission to link pleasure and food with awareness and responsibility, helping guests to rediscover the joys of eating, as well as understanding the importance of caring where their food comes from, who makes it and how it's made.

Founded in Italy in 1986, Slow Food has become an international organisation dedicated to promoting greater enjoyment of food through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production. It seeks to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread the education of taste, and link producers of excellent foods to consumers through events and initiatives.

Slow Food Promozione is a commercial arm of Slow Food Italy that works to achieve and fund the Slow Food association's goals: defense of biodiversity and educational activities.

For more information, visit www.slowfood.it