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My husband and I first experienced the luxury of cruising with Silversea in July of 2008 when we sailed on the Silver Shadow to Alaska. A bonus for us on this voyage was that we were part of a Robert Mondavi Winery wine-tasting group that attended wine seminars, wines tastings and a wine dinner exclusive for those participants in this group. This is how we initially discovered Silversea and were instantly hooked! We thoroughly enjoyed the all-inclusive service and the intimacy of the ship. The staff provided five star service that is truly next to none that we had ever experienced before given the fact that each of us had cruised in the past on other lines. The shore excursions offered were exceptional and expertly coordinated. We considered ourselves a part of the Silversea family even though it was our first voyage. Our next cruise was on the Silver Cloud through the Panama Canal in March of 2011. We found the same exceptional service and food and also enjoyed the staff and passengers that we met. It wasn’t long before we were booking our next voyage to the Mediterranean on the Silver Wind, which sails in March 2012. We are so looking forward to the 14 glorious days aboard our third Silversea ship. We find each ship truly has the comforts of home, and staff make sure that our experience is nothing short of exceptional. We are getting so excited for our upcoming voyage that we are already planning where we would like to sail in 2013! Thanks Silversea for always giving us an inspiring vacation that we can count on enjoying again and again.

– Donald and Peggy Luckow, Milwaukee, WI 



I am an avid Silversea cruiser. I am also a travel agent in San Diego and have been aboard all 6 of the ships and have sailed on 4 of them. The BEST shore excursion ever was on Prickly Pear Island and the fantastic barbecue that Chef Ricardo and staff assembled for us. The highlight was the waiters walking into the water, dressed in tuxedos, to deliver drinks to us! How great is that?! Another memorable time was when Captain Tatulli completely circled Our Lady of the Rock Church in Kotor, Montenegro. Everyone came out of the church and its little neighbor island to wave at us and jump up and down. Here’s another one: Captain Tatulli pulling the Silver Shadow right up to the waterfall in Milford Sound, New Zealand. We were dazzled! There was a crew member standing at the bowwith a cup attached to a pole catching water from the rushing water as it poured down from the mountain. Every trip with Silversea is a “trip". Can’t wait for the next one.

– Marilyn Bohle



My friend and I stepped onto the Silver Wind in Athens, Greece on June 4. We were greeted with champagne and an escort to our suite. The suite was absolutely lovely, as was our butler and his assistant. I can sure see why this ship and its staff warrant a 6-star rating. The 9 days we spent in  Silversea's care were enough to ruin both of us for any other cruise line forever!! What is not to love with this cruise line??? The food was exceptional, the service was exceptional, the attention to detail was exceptional. The whole experience was EXCEPTIONAL!!!! And this does not take into consideration the friends we made, which was very easy to do given the small size of the ship. Nine of us had dinner together the last night and all agreed that it was the best vacation we'd ever had. By the end of that evening, we were conspiring for our next Silversea adventure together and how all of us could pull it off again. Personally, I always gauge a vacation by how I feel when its ending. I can honestly tell you, we were both heartbroken to see it come to an end. As I said, we are already planning the next trip with Silversea. There were a number of solo travelers on board who became new friends. Everyone talks to everyone!! One of our friends who was traveling solo for the first time (a widower), actually ended up having such a fabulous trip that he booked his next solo Silversea trip while on board. That says something pretty special about the treatment he received. The whole thing, excursions included, was top of the line.

– Kathy M. Adamson



In just four weeks, my husband and I will be on our fifth Silversea cruise in three years. Before our first Silversea cruise, I had never been on a cruise and he had never been on a luxury liner. After two days on the Silver Shadow, we were hooked! In January 2010, we enjoyed Silver Spirit's inaugural voyage from Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale. I'll never forget the entire Ft. Lauderdale staff meeting the Silver Spirit dockside. It was a wonderful, festive occasion! Nine months later, we were back on the Silver Spirit for two back-to-back cruises around the Mediterranean. It was an unforgettable experience in a gorgeous part of the world. Then, in July of this year, we were on the Silver Whisper, cruising the Norwegian fjords. I don't know which was more spectacular: the scenery or Silversea's legendary service and inspired cuisine. Fortunately, I didn't have to choose! It's hard to explain to people who've never experienced Silversea how extraordinary and special their ships, itineraries and staff are. Beauty, comfort, graciousness, safety, and unfailing attention to detail are part of Silversea's DNA. One doesn't have to book one of the more expensive suites to experience the spacious luxury of Silversea's accommodations or the relentless attentiveness of the staff, starting with the butler! As my husband and I look forward to 16 days on the Silver Whisper next month, I can say without hesitation: Whenever I board a Silversea ship, I feel like I'm coming home and not long after I disembark, I start to miss it. Silversea has come to feel like a second home to me.

Marta Vago, Ph.D., California



We are in the process of disembarking from the Silver Wind in Venice after a 12-day cruise. My wife and I have traveled many times with Silversea, and accumulated more than 300 days. This time was a very special occasion because it was the first time we took the entire family on a cruise and also because as they all grow and take off to pursue different interests, it may be the last time. Because of this, our expectations were very high. Not only were all those expectations met, but the crew on the Silver Wind went far beyond what was reasonable to expect. It was as if the entire crew had conspired to make sure we had the best vacation of our lives. It was just outstanding, much more than we expected. My wife and I have never considered another cruise line and never will. It is not the beauty and the maintenance of the ships, or the excellence of the food, or the quality of the drinks. I am sure other cruise lines can provide the same. What makes the difference with Silversea is its people and that special sense of coming back home to be with the family. Again, thank you for a wonderful vacation, and keep up the good work.

– Frank Gonzalez



It was our 30th wedding anniversary and I had never been on a cruise. My husband said book a cruise, get a nice room, go whereever you want but at least try a cruise once. I picked Silversea and a Turkey/Greece itinerary. It was wonderful! We loved the ship, the staff, the food and everything for that matter. We met wonderful people who we still stay in touch with. So it was a no-brainer to decide to try another cruise. This one is in a few weeks from Lisbon/Spain ... can't wait. My fears before were small rooms, rocky seas, and all about food. The rooms were spacious, the seas were fine and the food was perfect. We worked out twice a day. Would recommend this ship to anyone.
P.S. We were also told it was for older people. Our cruise was a mix of young, middle age and older. PERFECT!

– Bonnie and Mike Patipa, Florida



Our very first cruise was with Royal Caribbean around 2000. We did a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Villefranche sur Mer to Rome and Naples, then over to Malta and back to Barcelona. We were enthralled! But there were drawbacks…MANY MANY people, tips to calculate, how much to drink within our budget, etc., etc. In 2009 we took our first Silversea cruise, again to the Med, but from Monte Carlo, to Sorrento, Messina, on through many of the Greek Isles and back to Athens. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Silver Whisper was like our own exclusive yacht! The staff was SO attentive, the food was excellent, the drinks flowed constantly, the itinerary was varied and interesting. Many nights we could go from our midship veranda suite out onto the pool deck for a dip in the whirlpool and not see another soul before retiring to our suite. One of the highlights of the trip was at the port in Corfu which could dock only two ships…a large Royal Caribbean ship docked beside us the morning after we awoke…as my wife and I climbed up the hills near the port and looked back to the pier, we realized that it was the Splendour of the Seas, the very ship on which we had first cruised nearly a decade earlier! What a remarkable coincidence across the world on an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea!

– Michael R. Lloyd



I have sailed on several other cruise lines in the past; some were good and others not so good. I had reviewed all the luxury cruise lines and selected Silversea because it offered a solo traveler special fare. I had a Midship Veranda Suite. It reminded me of staying in a six-star hotel and the food was what you would find at the finest restaurant, anywhere in the world. I recall staying at a Ritz Carlton Hotel several years ago and remember the staff recognizing and remembering my name on the first day that I registered. I found this to be true on the Silver Cloud as well. All the staff was very personable and very professional. The fitness trainer and the International Hostess exceeded the high standard for all your staff. I booked another 15-day cruise for May 2011 and I’m really looking forward to the departure date. I plan on taking 1 to 2 cruises each year. Thanks again.

– Charlie Mauch



Our first cruise experience was on Silversea in 2000, and we have never wished even to try another line. We will always remember the utter magic of stepping aboard the beautiful Silver Cloud that first day, and feeling cosseted in a nest of elegance and graciousness. The suite design was astounding in its spaciousness and attention to comfort and detail. We immediately knew we'd made the right choice. A couple was honored on that cruise for achieving the landmark of sailing 100 days with Silversea. They said just a few words, using the opportunity to honor the extraordinary staff at Silversea as the reason they kept coming back. At the time, 100 days seemed a far-off dream. Yet the heartfelt words of this couple remained with us for years, as we near our own 100-day milestone. This is what brings Silversea's devoted passengers back, again and again.

– Linda Pedro and Peter Farrell, New York, NY



We were aboard the Silver Cloud last June on our cruise around the British Isles. Needless to say, it was a "colossal" experience! We were so impressed with that cruise we decided to book another cruise on her sister ship, Silver Whisper, next year to the Baltic  – our 3rd voyage aboard the "Whisper"! Many thanks.

– Jack and Diana Sherratt, Burlingame, CA



We had a wonderful time! I can only say that all the work that went into the trip to the Priorat paid off! Even the weather was perfect! The guide (Alexandra), the driver (Mariano), the hotel, the itinerary and it's flexibility…everything! We traveled, ate, drank wine, shopped, picnic'd, tasted olive oil, talked, walked and laughed as if we had know each other for a long time! THANK YOU!

– L.C.



We feel in many ways as if we have "come home" by returning to Silversea after two Regent trips. In our opinion, there is no substitute for the top quality service provided by Silversea staff, particularly the wait staff and the room staff (which now includes a butler).

– M/Mrs Kastern



I just wanted to say "Thank You". We had an absolutely wonderful trip on the Silver Spirit. It could NOT have been any better. It was truly the perfect way to celebrate our 25th. It might have been our first cruise, but we know it will NOT be our last. We look forward to our next trip on Silversea. It was truly a breathtaking 10 days.

– Warm regards and many thanks, T.C.


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