Venetian Society®

Silversea's Cruise Loyalty Programme

A special circle of friends. Exclusive privileges and prestigious cruise rewards. When you complete your first Silversea voyage, you become part of an exclusive circle of friends — the Venetian Society. Membership in Silversea's cruise loyalty programme is an open door to a world of exclusivity, an extraordinary fellowship of international travellers who enjoy the Silversea lifestyle while exploring the world in luxurious fashion and receiving members-only benefits and cruise rewards.

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Membership Privileges

  • Onboard recognition and private parties
  • Additional savings on select voyages - look for this icon
  • Ship visitation privileges


Milestone Rewards

The more you sail, the more you receive after:

  • 100 days: 5% savings on future sailings
  • 250 days: 10% savings on future sailings
  • 350 days: complimentary 7-day voyage
  • 500 days: complimentary 14-day voyage
  • 500-day milestone, complimentary 7-day voyage for each 150 days sailed


All of the above milsetones include complimentary laundry service (excludes dry cleaning and "press only").


Friends of The Society® Programme

Discover what you will receive when your new-to-Silversea friends sail with you