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Venetian Society Terms & Conditions

Venetian Society Savings
The Venetian Society Savings programme is available to full fare guests immediately upon completion of their first voyage. Venetian Society Savings are per guest, and may be combined with Silver Savings and Extended Voyage Savings. Venetian Society Savings are applicable only to the cruise-only fare, and may not be applied to any Air or Transfer programme, or to any pre- or post-cruise Land or Hotel packages. If a Venetian Society member is travelling with a non-member in the same suite on a designated Venetian Society sailing, Venetian Society Savings are available to both guests.

Venetian Society Cruise Days
Venetian Society Cruise Days are earned per guest, may not be transferred or combined, and are accrued for life. Members earning complimentary cruises as a reward will be booked “Cruise-Only” in a Veranda Suite, based on availability. Complimentary cruises cannot be transferred and availability may be subject to seasonal restrictions. Complimentary laundry service benefit does not include dry cleaning and/or press-only services.

Friends of the Society Programme
Applicable Venetian Society Savings will be extended only to a maximum of four friends in two additional suites on the same sailing as the Venetian Society member’s. A certificate of redemption must be submitted prior to the cruise and signed by the sponsoring Venetian Society member in order for the Friends of the Society programme to be honoured. When Venetian Society members are sailing with their non-Venetian Society friends on a Venetian Society sailing, the applicable Venetian Society Savings applies for both Venetian Society members and their non-Venetian Society friends. The maximum shipboard credit awarded is one $250 Onboard Spending Credit per sponsoring member and is only offered on designated Venetian Society sailings.

The Terms and Conditions detailed here are in effect as of July 2012 and supersede all previously published Terms and Conditions. All Venetian Society Benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.