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You may bring aboard the ship a reasonable amount of clothing and personal effects without charge. Luggage for Silversea guests or guests on Land Adventures must be handled in accordance with regulations and tariffs of airlines and/or ground operators. Luggage exceeding these limitations is subject to the charges as set forth by the individual operators. Airlines are strict with luggage limitations. Guests are encouraged to contact individual airlines for weight limitations. Guests are, at all times, responsible for airline baggage fees. For travel to/from and within the United States, please visit https://bags.amadeus.com/ or the individual air carriers' website for a complete listing of baggage fees.

Guests are also encouraged to pack a smaller bag for all Land Adventures to avoid extra luggage charges. All luggage must be securely packed, and properly and clearly labelled. Liquid, fragile, perishable and other articles not suitably packed are transported at your own risk. Silversea is not responsible for loss or damage to luggage or any other personal item during air travel, Hotel Programmes, Land Adventures or shore excursions.

Luggage and personal belongings will be taken off the ship upon guest disembarkation. Under no circumstances will luggage be stored onboard without the owner of such luggage being on the vessel. Silversea is not responsible for luggage stored in shoreside facilities.

Under no circumstances may dangerous items (including but not limited to: explosives, firearms, combustible or illegal substances) be taken aboard the ship. Silversea recommends that you hand-carry travel documents (passport, visa, cruise tickets), medications and valuables. These items are the full responsibility of the guest at all times. Silversea shall not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, such personal items.

Lost Property

Silversea may levy a charge for the return of personal items left on board or lost and subsequently found.