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Sue Krisman,

Writer, Broadcaster, Music Expert

Sue Krisman is a writer who was born in Portsmouth, England, as was her hero Charles Dickens.  She grew up there with a great love for the sea and for books and writing.  She became Creative Writing Fellow at Reading University in England, teaching many American students.

As well as her three novels (with two in the pipeline) she writes BBC radio plays, librettos and performance scripts – the latest was on the Life and Music of Richard Rodgers about whom she will be speaking.

Sue’s first novel led to broadcasting; first, talking about her own books and reading from them – then on her own programme, reviewing new books weekly for about eight years.  At the same time, she was covering First Nights in London’s West End for the BBC and also on the internet for American visitors.

She became involved in a cutting-edge long running radio magazine programme in London whilst writing her third novel about a struggling theatre troupe. Later she was asked to research radio programmes for the BBC, particularly on the subject of theatre and showbiz in years gone by.

Sue is busy writing whilst she lectures all over the world.  Her last book – her first venture in to non-fiction – was on a nostalgic theme and she has written a sit-com recently.  Sue has a great love and respect for the personal writing of others and thinks that just “getting it down on paper” can be a lasting solace for the bad times as well as the good.  She weaves diary-writing and the writing of family history into her talks.  Her presentations include a great deal of music (both from the shows and classical) and some precious voices and fun memories from the past.

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