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Stephen Wessley,

Ph.D. Historian
Stephen Wessley

Dr. Stephen Wessley received his Ph.D. from Columbia University where he was a Lehman Fellow.  He is the winner of numerous awards, including fellowships and grants from the Fulbright Commission, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Philosophical Society.  His historical research has been supported also by prizes from the Italian and Spanish governments.

Dr. Wessley has published books and articles on apocalyptical thought, medieval monks, women, and heretics.  His book, Joachim of Fiore and Monastic Reform, details how one medieval monk tried to envision a world without terrorism and church scandals.  Professor Wessley, a contributing author to the Norton Western Civilization series, has taught history at York College for 34 years.  He has lived in several European cities including Rome, Venice, Milan, Paris, and London.  Dr. Wessley now resides in Manhattan.

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