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Ph.D. Jay Wolff,

Historian and Destination Expert

Dr. Jay Wolff is an internationally known and acclaimed history and destination lecturer, who travels the world and presents in-depth lectures about the people and events that have shaped the places visited along the way.  He takes the facts of history and the legends and folkways of civilizations and weaves them into stories of the world.

Dr. Jay Wolff took his undergraduate and doctoral degrees at Georgetown University in Washington DC. A member of the faculty of Florida Gulf Coast University's Renaissance Academy and elected a member of the British Royal Society of Health, he has published more than a hundred articles on history and culture and healthcare in professional journals as well as American Heritage, Forbes, American Legacy, The Washington Post and The L.A. Times. He has been a commentator on The History Channel and is an enthusiastically received destination lecturer who brings history to life with stories of the people and events that changed the world.

Dr. Jay began researching and writing his published historical articles while practicing his first profession, dentistry.  After retiring from dentistry, history research and writing became his full-time work. Ten years ago he began presenting his "The Story of…" lectures on cruise ships in Alaska, and his audiences soon convinced the cruise lines to expand Dr. Jay’s bookings to include his lectures for destinations around the world.  

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