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Don Klein, Ph.D.,

Historian, Photographer and Author

Dr. Don Klein is an historian, writer and photographer specializing in Spanish and Portuguese voyages of exploration and discovery. His focus is on European expansion in the New World, Latin American history, and all aspects of the Amazon Rain Forest. In addition to history and current events, his lectures cover art, architecture, music and literature.  Don has lectured at sea for 15 years; he also provides onboard commentaries in locales of keen interest.

Don is a veteran traveler with 40+ years of experience on all seven continents. In his 20s, he drove his Land-Rover from London to Cape Town—shipped it to Brazil, and then drove it from Rio de Janeiro to California. He calls this two-year epic adventure a life-changing experience—resulting in a permanent move from his native Connecticut to San Francisco. There, he developed a passion for photography, performing Afro-Latin music, and taking graduate courses in Latin American Studies at Berkeley and Stanford.

Don is the bibliographer of the Nobel Prize-winning author, Gabriel García Márquez. His two-volume opus about the author’s published work was released in 2003. Don holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and a Doctorate from Temple University. He served as a captain in the USAF, Vietnam, and is conversant in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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