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Alastair Bruce of Crionaich, OBE,

Author, Broadcaster, Historian
Alastair Bruce

Alastair Bruce is the Royal, Constitutional and Religious Commentator for Sky News, the UK’s premier 24hr satellite news channel. He was appointed 16 years ago and has covered all Britain’s great occasions, including the Golden Jubilee of the Queen, and the funerals of both the Queen Mother and Diana, Princess of Wales: the latter to a worldwide audience of 87.5million viewers. He described events in London during the recent General Election and Pope Benedict’s historic visit to the UK. Alastair contributes to FOX News, ABC and the BBC giving an insight to modern events with a historical perspective.

Alastair has written many books, including Days of Majesty, Keepers of the Kingdom and The Oldest, which gathers together all the oldest things in Britain. He likes to tell history in an entertaining way, in order to open the rich culture of the United Kingdom, its style and romance to as wide an audience as he can reach. He has worked with many independent production companies in the preparation of TV documentaries. Many are regularly aired on Public Broadcasting, Discovery and A&E channels. Among these are Nicholas and Alexandra, Victoria and Albert and Days of Majesty.  Most recently, Alastair was involved with the multiple Oscar-winning hit movie The King's Speech, the award-winning film Young Victoria, and the Masterpiece Classic TV series Downton Abbey.

Alastair was a regular soldier for four years, seeing active service in the Falklands War of 1982 and also on peace keeping duties in Northern Ireland with the Scots Guards, which is one of the regiments that stand smartly in scarlet coats and bearskin hats outside Buckingham Palace. He is still a reserve Colonel, responsible for London’s Army Reserves. In 2004 Alastair was appointed to be an Extra Equerry to Their Royal Highnesses the Earl and Countess of Wessex. This is a part-time role to support The Queen’s youngest son and his wife when they perform Royal Duties in the United Kingdom and overseas, as representatives of Her Majesty, as Head of State.

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