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Alan Nazareth,

Former Indian Ambassador
Nazareth, Alan 2

Holding a Masters Degree in Economics from Madras University, Mr Nazareth was selected for the Indian Foreign Service in May 1959. He has served in India’s diplomatic and consular missions in Tokyo, Rangoon, Lima, London, Chicago and New York and as India’s High Commissioner to Ghana and Ambassador to Liberia, Upper Volta, Togo, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Belize.

During the 1982-85 period, when Mr. Nazareth was Director General of the Indian Council for Cultural Affairs, multifaceted Indian cultural festivals were held in Britain, USA and France, and international conferences on ‘Buddhism and National Cultures’ and ‘India and World Literature’, and a World Poetry Festival at New Delhi. An India–Greece Symposium organized during this period at Delphi resulted in the scholarly publication ‘India and Greece’. Subsequently when Mr. Nazareth was Ambassador to Egypt and Mexico ‘India and Egypt’ and ‘India and Mexico’ were published, following similar symposia held in Cairo and Mexico City.

Ambassador Nazareth retired in May 1994 and since then has been guest lecturer at National Institute of Advanced Studies & Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, National Defence College, New Delhi and Allahabad & Benaras Hindu Universities. Among the foreign institutions he has lectured at are American, Yale, Columbia, New York, Stanford & Hawaii Universities and San Francisco World Affairs Council in the USA, Uppsala University in Sweden, Moscow State University for the Humanities and St. Petersberg University in Russia, KOC university at Istanbul, Asian Institute of Management & Ateneo University in the Phillipines, Udayana and Shiyarif Hidayatullah Universities in Indonesia & the University of the West Indies at Port of Spain. His lectures have been published in electronic form, as two CDRs titled ‘Historical Perspectives - Asia’ and ‘Historical Perspectives - Europe’.

Ambassador Nazareth’s book ‘Gandhi’s Outstanding Leadership’ was published in March 2006. Since then it has come out in 11 Indian languages and in Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

Ambassador Nazareth is a founder member and Managing Trustee of Sarvodaya International Trust which is dedicated to promoting the Gandhian ideals of Truth, nonviolence, communal harmony, humanitarian service and peace. Established in March 1995 it presently has ten regional chapters in India and an international support base. The URL of its website is

On October 9, 2007 Ambassador Nazareth was presented the U Thant Peace Award by the Sri Chinmoy Peace Meditation Group at the United Nations. Among previous recipients of this Award were Pope John Paul II, The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

On October 2, 2012 Ambassador Nazareth delivered the keynote address at the International Day of Non Violence event at the United Nations in New York. On September 26, 2014 he delivered the keynote address at the ‘Culture of Non Violence’ plenary session of the World Public Forum’s ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’ conference at Rhodes in Greece.

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