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Alan Nazareth,

Former Indian Ambassador
Educated at Loyola College Madras, Pascal Alan Nazareth was selected for the Indian Foreign Service in May 1959 and served in India’s diplomatic missions in Tokyo, Rangoon, Lima and London before his first Ambassadorial appointment in 1979 as High Commissioner/Ambassador of India to Ghana, Liberia, Upper Volta and Togo. Subsequently was Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi, Consul General of India in Chicago and New York, Ambassador of India to Egypt, and Ambassador of India to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Belize.
During the 1982 – 85 period, when Mr. Nazareth was Director General of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi. During this period multifaceted Indian cultural festivals were held in Britain, USA and France; International Conferences on ‘Buddhism and National Cultures’ and ‘India and World Literature’, and an International Poetry Festival were held in New Delhi and an India – Greece Symposium at Delphi in Greece. The scholarly publication ‘India and Greece’ was an outcome of this symposium. Subsequently when Mr. Nazareth was Ambassador in Egypt, an India – Egypt Symposium was held in Cairo, and resulted in the publication of ‘India and Egypt’. At the end of 1998, ‘India and Mexico’ was published.
Mr. Nazareth retired in May 1994 and since then has been Guest lecturer at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is also a founder and Managing Trustee of Sarvodaya International Trust, an international Mahatma Gandhi movement promoting integrity in public life, communal harmony, nonviolence, humanitarian service and peace. The Trust presently has nine chapters in India and an international support base.
Among foreign universities/institutions Mr. Nazareth has lectured at/ participated in seminars are East West Centre and University of Hawaii at Honolulu, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, San Francisco World Affairs Council, Gandhi Memorial Centre in Washington DC, American, Yale, and Columbia Universities, MIT and Aspen Institute in USA, Ateneo University and Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, Udayana and Shiyarif Hidayatullah Islamic Universities in Indonesia and Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius.


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