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Yvonne Mortola,


Yvonne Mortola grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she graduated from the German Humboldt School. After returning from Germany, finishing her studies of Language Translation in German, French and Spanish, she visited Galápagos and fell in love with the islands. She moved to the Galápagos shortly after, where she became a Naturalist III Guide. She has worked almost uninterrupted since then, guiding both in local and private vessels, becoming a true “naturalist”, committed to the islands. She assisted Dr. David Anderson of Wake Forest University, in scientific investigation projects, working with Nazca Boobies and Albatrosses. She founded the Swimming Club “Syrius," and the Sailing Club “Aeolian,” promoting sports in children of the community. She is a member of the Scalesia Education Foundation. She also helps in the organization of the Galápagos Triathlon and the Galápagos Challenge, the biggest sports events in Ecuador.

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