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Thomas Hammerich,


Though he seemed destined for a career as a production engineer, it was Thomas Hammerich’s love for geology and paleontology — his second university major — that altered his path. Specializing in Marine Geology, Subduction Zones and Volcanology led him to the sea.

The Neumuenster, German native won numerous graduate and postgraduate scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service, the Bremer Studienfonds, and the University of Otago, New Zealand. His research projects have taken him to Alaska, Austria, Chile, and New Zealand.

Thomas shared his passion for the living world, participating in the travel exhibition “The Geoship — Adventure Marine Geosciences”, and helped coordinate the 1st international “Nano-Camp” and the Sciences & Art Expo. It was during research cruises to Costa Rica and Nicaragua aboard the German research vessel Meteor, however, when he discovered his passion for the seafaring life. That’s when he decided to embark on worldwide expedition cruises.

In addition to his experience as a lecturer and expedition team member, Thomas — who’s currently completing his PhD thesis — is a lecturer at the annual international Fleugel-Course at the University of Erlangen, Nürnberg. He also reviews articles for international science magazines and works as a consultant.

In his free time, Thomas participates in adventure events and international running competitions.

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