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Sven Voege,


Sven Voege has always had a passion for exploration. He explored all seven continents in his early years, developing his expertise in photography, biology, geography, and adventure along the way. Over the course of twenty years, he even lived for months in both the North and South Poles, crossing the high Arctic while exploring icebergs and interacting with penguins.

Sven is the co-founder and chairman of Polarworld, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of the polar regions. He’s also a lecturer at the Junior Zoo-University Berlin.

Sven’s charitable work has been instrumental in the creation of numerous expeditions into remote areas, along with regional school projects and environmental preservation projects in Greenland. He’s continually called upon to share his knowledge, and has done so at prestigious organizations like the United Nations Symposium for the International Institute for Politics and Science in Hamburg, Germany.

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