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Sue Flood,

Wildlife Filmmaker
Sue Floor silversea expedition team

Sue Flood is a photographer and wildlife filmmaker, whose speciality is polar and marine environments. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in Zoology, Sue spent 11 years working for the BBCs world-renowned Natural History Unit. She was an Associate Producer on the award-winning BBC series “The Blue Planet”, and recently worked on “Planet Earth“. This took her to the Arctic, the Antarctic and the South Pacific, where she captured unique images for the series. These included killer whales attacking gray whales, polar bears hunting belugas, and eider ducks feeding in a winter polyna.

Sue has produced four films for the BBC:

  • "Polar Bears on Thin Ice" (featuring the polar bears of Hudson Bay)
  • "A Boy Among Polar Bears" (looking at the relationship between the Inuit and wildlife in the Canadian Arctic around Baffin Island)
  • “Killer Whale Special” for the BBC/Discovery Channel.
  • “Life of Mammals” short on Blue Whale science.
  • Her photographic highlights include diving with humpback whales in the South Pacific, face-to-face encounters with leopard seals in the Antarctic, filming polar bears in the Arctic, and photographing the wildlife of Namibia and Botswana.

Sue is now a professional photographer whose clients include the BBC, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Sue's images have been published worldwide and she hopes to use her photography to further conservation efforts and awareness.

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