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Robin L. Aiello,

Marine Biologist & Ecotourism Specialist
Robin L. Aiello expedition team silversea

Robin Aiello has spent most of her life on, and under, the oceans of the world. It is her passion! She graduated from Harvard University with highest honors in Evolutionary Biology and Marine Biology. After graduation she worked as a Scientific Expedition Leader in some of the most exotic and remote areas of the world; four months camping on and diving under the ice in Antarctica, two weeks living underwater in the Caribbean studying corals, cave diving in the Pacific, snorkeling with Minke whales and diving with thousands of sharks — including Great Whites and Makos. Robin immigrated to Australia in 1992 to work as a coral reef researcher and lecturer at many Australian research institutions, and soon began her own environmental consulting business specializing in marine resource management, and conservation and education. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and for Smithsonian Institute study groups. She was the recipient of the Australian EcoWarrior Award and the International Earth Ambassador Award.

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