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Martin Loyola,


Martin grew up in Santa Cruz Island. As a child he was always exploring his surroundings and experimenting with all the different resources that a unique island has to offer. He went to school in the highlands and then decided to study Tourism and Hotel Management at the University in Guayaquil. He received his bachelor’s degree and went back home to take the Galapagos National Park guides course, and follow his true love for nature and animals.

As a guide Martin learned to speak German by leading Swiss groups. His desire to learn and explore took him to Germany to study the language formally.

Martin has a great interest in photography and he has traveled to Africa, Antarctica, Brazil, Argentina, and New Zealand among others, taking pictures of animals and landscapes, which he later shares with fellow guests who come to visit the most wonderful place on earth, Galapagos.

Martin is truly convinced that education is the key to solving most of the problems in this world, and his aim is to help the small school that taught him his first lessons.

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