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Maria Gabriela Espinoza,

Naturalist Guide

Gaby Espinoza is a science teacher who fell in love with the Galápagos Islands when she first came as a tourist with her family. She has been a Naturalist Guide for the last 20 years and shares her passion for the “Enchanted Islands” with her quiet life at the beach of Playas; a small town close to the big city of Guayaquil. Here, she and her husband own a small bed and breakfast. They actively work with the community in the ecotourism field to develop eco-friendly trips in the area.

Gaby has been working with the Galápagos National Park on educational projects, lecturing the students of local schools in San Cristobal Island. She was involved in the socialization of the project, “Solaris,” the first boat to use clean energy on the Galápagos National Park. This small boat is used to guide the children of elementary schools of the islands of Isabela and Santa Cruz. She believes education is the way to conservation, and feels the children of the Galápagos would be better able to love and appreciate their beautiful islands if they got to know them intimately.

Gaby feels lucky to be working in this corner of the world. For her, the Galápagos Islands are paradise.

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