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Malcolm Turner,


Malcom holds a wealth of knowledge about birds, marine mammals, marine life, island flora and fauna. For 36 years, he worked as a biologist and communicator for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, as well as other marine and national parks in southern Australia. Throughout his career he’s worn many hats: developing seabird monitoring programs, designing coral reef health assessments, producing major penguin, seal and seabird displays, managing marine mammals necropsy programs, responding to environmental emergencies, and instigating climate change adaptations for islands and their nesting seabirds. In 2003, Malcolm began guest lecturing on expedition ships around Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia. An adept ornithologist, he spends his spare time bird watching, having birded on six continents and around every ocean on the globe. Malcom enjoys nothing more than sharing his infectious excitement for experiencing the array of birds and other wildlife encountered while on expedition cruises.

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