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Luke Kenny,

Fisheries Expert and Marine Biologist
Luke Kenny expedition team silversea

Brought up in the rural midlands of Ireland, Luke started out with a deep-rooted appreciation of the environment, not to mention an awareness of the impacts of humans upon it. Within days of gaining a degree in Zoology in Trinity College, Dublin, he found himself called away by the sea to work as a Fisheries Observer off the southern coast of Ireland and then as part of the Deep Water Observer Programme of the Irish Sea Fisheries Board, which was surveying the north east Atlantic. His focus then turned to the far south where he joined the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department. There, between enjoying the beautiful wildlife and scenery on those rugged islands, he continued his work as an observer on a variety of fishing vessels in this well managed fishery.

His first visit to the Antarctic proper followed soon after, in the summer season of 2005/06 when he worked as a Fisheries Lecturer and Wildlife Guide aboard a cruise ship visiting the Peninsula.

In November 2008, Luke began a two-year contract as Fisheries Biologist on South Georgia, as part of the British Antarctic Survey base there. His studies on fish biology (diet, growth, etc.) contribute to the management of what is one of the best-run fisheries in the world. Two years without a break on a small remote island and living in such close proximity to an abundance of wildlife has been a life-changing experience and furthered an already deep love for the Antarctic environment.

A keen traveller, he has driven down through the North West Sahara, ridden across Argentina and descended the headwaters of the Amazon River by balsa raft. Luke is always on the lookout for a new adventure off the beaten track and his next goal is to sail in the high latitudes, as part of research projects in oceanography and glaciology.

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