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Juan Pablo Seco Pon,

Ecologist & Naturalist

Dr. Juan Pablo Seco Pon has been devoted to the study and conservation of marine vertebrates, especially seabirds, for the past 10 years. As an active young scientist, he has published several papers on seabird ecology and conservation in scientific journals, and has attended several national and international congresses as a reviewer.Equipped with a PhD in biological sciences from the National University of Mar del Plata in Argentina, Juan Pablo has conducted several research campaigns throughout the southwestern Atlantic, studying the interactions between seabirds and local fisheries. He currently works to diminish the incidental capture of seabirds and other marine species, mainly in nets, and acts as a Marine Mammal Observer on board seismic research vessels off Bahía San Sebastian, Tierra del Fuego. In his free time, Juan Pablo works as a naturalist guide in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. He’s been a lecturer and zodiac driver aboard Antarctic cruise ships for the past seven seasons.

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