Jose Valdivieso,


Jose Valdivieso grew up in Santa Cruz Island. As a child he liked to explore the earth. What he remembers the most from his childhood in the Galápagos is the orange color of the sunset.

He attended high school in Quito, Ecuador, and then decided to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Organizational Communication. During his time in college, his father’s influence led him to obtain a certification to become a Naturalist of the Galápagos National Park.

He loves to be a Naturalist because he can explore the Galápagos and the earth through the eyes of our visitors. His passion for preserving the natural environment of the Galápagos has led him to study the social aspects as well, and ultimately has led him to his studies as a Life Coach.

While at home he works on different projects to contribute in the development of local professionals. Jose adheres to the belief that education solves most problems, and truly enjoys finding new ways to help others help themselves.

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