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Gudrun Bucher,


Dr. Gudrun Bucher, graduated with a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Her dissertation focused on Vitus Bering's Great Northern Expedition, and was titled: Instructions on the Description of Peoples, especially those in Siberia — The Significance of Gerhard Friedrich Müller's Instructions for the History of Ethnology (German).

She studied anthropology, prehistory and early history, and geology. She is an ethnologist and historian, who has done research in Cultural Anthropology of the Arctic and the North Pacific, including research on material culture of the Koryak, Kerek, Chukchi, Inuit and the Siberian Peoples. She has also done field work with "Russian Old Believers," in the Buryat Republic, Russia.

Since 1998, she has lectured regularly on expedition cruises. Following the footsteps of Bering and other famous explorer, her travels have led her to the Arctic, Antarctic and South Pacific.

When not at sea, her time is devoted to writing books and doing research for the University of Göttingen on the University's Siberian and North Pacific Collections of ethnographical items.

Her recent publications consider the Transit of Venus and the Northwest Passage. 

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