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Grace Winer,

Grace Winer expedition team silversea

Grace, a geologist and naturalist, has sailed since 2005 as an educator on expedition voyages, travelling from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska, the Bering Sea Region, the Russian Far East, Iceland, and around the northern Ring of Fire down to Kamchatka, Japan, and the Philippines.
Grace earned both her BS and MS degrees in Earth Sciences from Montana State University. Funded by a grant from the National Geographic Society, she pursued her Master’s degree in Alaska’s remote Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea, investigating the volcanic evolution of St. Paul Island. Her knowledge of the Pribilofs and the Bering Sea led to her work as a consulting geologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration doing further field work in the Pribilof Islands.
As a young RN, Grace studied midwifery at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital in London and later served as an officer in the US Air Force Nurse Corps. She lived in Alaska’s Interior for several years where she was an avid birder, wilderness camper, marathon runner, and sled dog racer.
She has participated in several geological expeditions to the Cascade Range volcanoes, including a trek into Mount St. Helens’ crater. Grace now lives in Seattle, Washington, where she teaches geology at South Seattle Community College. When out of the classroom she brings her enthusiasm and knowledge of geology and natural history to fellow expedition voyagers in wild and remote areas of the globe.

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