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Dries William Degel,

Naturalist Guide
Dries William Degel

Dries William Degel Andrade, was born in Guayaquil and raised in the Galapagos because his father and uncle came from Belgium to work as naturalist guides many years ago.
Due to his abilities, Dries spent his last three years of high school in Guayaquil, at an art institute.
After graduating, he became involved in the different projects of conservation and ecotourism, as well as campaigns for the eradication of introduced species of plants and animals.
After learning various languages, dries became a naturalist guide, and since then has worked on several boats on the islands.
Currently Dries is studying social psychology because he wants to have a career where he can help people in his community after he retires as a naturalist. Dries is considered a Christian convert and thereof is his willingness to help others.

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