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Dr. Toby Musgrave,

Toby Musgrave expedition team silversea

A leading British authority on garden history and design with a degree in horticulture and a doctorate in garden history, Toby Musgrave lectures far and wide to students of garden history and design at Oxford University, the Royal Horticultural Society, aboard expedition cruises and throughout the United States. 

Toby has worked as a freelance television and radio presenter, consultant, author, journalist, photographer, designer, and lecturer for the past 13 years. He has even served as a horticultural consultant for the award-winning BBC landmark series How to be a Gardener. Other credentials include: working as an on-screen presenter for numerous British television shows; creating and contributing to a six-part radio series, The British Garden; and hosting a DVD series, Your First Garden Made Easy. 

Toby regularly contributes to a number of popular Danish and British periodicals, including a weekly syndicated gardening column. He has also penned six gardening books in English, and his first Danish book was just published last year.

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