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Dr. Michaela Mayer,

Marine Biologist
Dr. Michaela Mayer

Since 1994 Michaela has been professionally concerned with the Polar Regions. Her studies and research have taken her from the Institute for Polar Ecology at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel and the University of Lapland in Finland to the research vessel Polarstern in the Greenland Sea and the Koldewey research base located in Svalbard.
Michaela has spent six months on the Antarctic Peninsula at the land-based Argentine research base “Jubany” on King George Island, and served as director of the Maritime Institute at the University of Applied Science in Bremen, Germany. In 2006 she founded INASEA, which is an NGO Institute for sustainable activities at Sea. INASEA consults and gives training to offshore industry in environmental conformable matters.

Michaela is lectures regularly aboard Arctic and Antarctic cruise vessels and has evaluated the environmental impacts of tourism activities in Antarctica. She made significant contributions to the "Guidelines for Visitors of the Antarctic" created by the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany.

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