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Dr. Hans-Peter Reinthaler,

Hans Peter Reinthaler expedition team silversea

Hans-Peter holds a doctorate in Natural Science from Karl-Franzens University in Graz and is a published scientist. He has collaborated on projects, expeditions and educational programmes for the Upper Austrian State Museum, Linz AG Service, and Schloßmuseum Linz. He is an experienced lecturer with speaking engagements at the University of Graz in Austria, and the Venusa Institute and Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela.

Having worked extensively on ships in different parts of the world, Hans-Peter has significant experience with a vast variety of ecosystems, flora and fauna. Those who know Hans-Peter know that he has a sincere enthusiasm for his work and loves that it allows him to be outdoors to explain nature to those interested and eager to learn.
Silversea Expedition guests can learn a great deal from Hans-Peter through his varied lecture topics including: Flora & Fauna, Animal & Plant Interactions, Evolution, and Consequences & Influence of Climate Changes on Biodiversity and Ecosystems.
Hans-Peter lives in Austria and speaks German (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

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