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Dr. Greg Calvert,

Greg Calvert silversea expedition team

Dr. Greg Calvert is an Australian biologist with a deep passion for tropical plants and animals. He was that kid at school with a frog in one pocket and a snake in another, and since catching his first venomous snake at age nine he hasn’t looked back. Growing up in Papua New Guinea and tropical Queensland was fertile ground for the budding biologist.

Despite working in his youth as an electrician, Greg changed course and received his degree in Botany and Zoology at James Cook University in North Queensland. Most of his honours year was spent at Hopevale Aboriginal Community on Cape York recording traditional plant use, while his PhD examined the differences that kangaroo and cattle grazing have on pasture diversity and productivity.

Greg has had a varied career as a biologist, from working two years as resident naturalist at a wilderness resort on the tip of Cape York Peninsula, to managing a research station in Kakadu National Park.

Greg is currently employed as Principal Ecologist for a large consulting firm, which provides a broad range of services, including assessing populations of rare and endangered plants and animals, vegetation mapping, weed and property management plans and environmental impact studies. He is no armchair conservationist, having clocked over 20 years with Landcare, killing weeds and restoring degraded areas of bushland. Greg also lectures at James Cook University, and has taught students flora and fauna survey techniques on more than 30 week-long field trips. He owes his ability to continue doing field work to his incredibly patient wife and five year old daughter.

Greg started working on cruise ships in 1995, lecturing and guiding cruises across northern Australia, New Guinea, South Africa and the South Pacific. Greg has an infectious love for biodiversity, a passionate dislike for weeds and feral animals, and a desperate need for travel and adventure.

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