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Dr. Danae Sheehan,

Ornithologist & Ecologist
Danae Sheehan expedition team silversea

Dr. Danae Sheehan is a conservation ecologist with an interest in ornithology and landscape ecology. For the last 14 years she has worked for the non-governmental organisation, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) - the UK Partner of BirdLife International. Here she heads the organisation’s programme of work on migratory birds, focussing on those using the Africa-Eurasia flyway.

Danae has been involved in ecological research and conservation in many different habitats and countries, largely in Europe and Africa, but also in the South Atlantic and elsewhere. She has published several scientific papers and presented at many international conferences.

Having grown up exploring wild places - underground, in the mountains, on and under the sea - Danae is first and foremost, a passionate biologist. She now channels this enthusiasm into protecting and restoring natural environments for both people and wildlife. Her love of the natural world and remote places is reflected in a parallel passion for art and photography.

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