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Desirée Cruz,

Naturalist Guide

Desirée has a degree in Biology and a degree in Linguistics and Literature. She has been a Galapagos National Park’s Naturalist since 1987.

Besides guiding, she is a professional technical writer. She ran a quarterly newsletter for guides (“La Garúa”) for 15 years, a source of updated information, a space to share knowledge and events seen during guiding trips. As Secretary General of AGIPA, one of the guides’ associations, she worked very closely with the Municipality of Santa Cruz to build and make operative the local library with donations channelled through AGIPA.

She worked as Deputy Director and External Relations Officer for the Galapagos National Park Service. This work gave her the opportunity of coming closer to a Galapagos that most of us don’t get to see. During that period the Isabela Project was launched. It aimed to and succeeded in the restoration of Marchena, Pinta, Santiago, and Isabela Islands, all of which are now free of large introduced vertebrates, like goats, pigs, and donkeys. She feels proud of having being part of it.

She also worked for the Galapagos Provincial Chamber of Tourism, starting a program to promote quality in land-based tour operations on Santa Cruz Island, always keeping in mind that in Galapagos quality implies a very important environmental component.  But her heart belongs to guiding

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