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David Wright,

Filmmaker and Photographer

David Wright is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with more than 25 years of professional experience (Emmy, BAFTA & Chris Awards). During his career, he has worked regularly for clients including National Geographic and Discovery Channel. He covers a wide variety of stories spanning natural history, adventure, and history topics. Recent credits include BBC/Discovery's 'Frozen Planet', and BBC's 'Natural World'.

Having worked in over 50 countries, often in remote and challenging locations, David's experience has given him a wide range of photographic / video skills that enable him to push camera technology to its limits and to create a unique perspective. This led to him being invited by Nikon to give a series of presentations on how to shoot films with your video equipped digital stills camera a major professional venues. David is now working with Silversea to offer a hands on experience to guests and to teach them how to improve their photographic and video skills by learning the tricks of the trade. The program is accessible to everyone, making it fun to document you adventure whether you shoot with a smartphone or a high-end digital camera. David will provide insights on how some of television's most challenging series were shot and give guests an experience of what it is like to be on assignment in some of the world's most exciting locations.During his career, he has led scientific expeditions to remote areas of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley, including the Hunter River region. Assignments have taken him throughout Australia, visiting remote Aboriginal communities, wildlife hotspots, and cultural sites. Having worked in many of Australia's most remote and challenging locations, David's experience enables him not only to teach a wide range of photographic skills, but also to give a unique perspective on the region's wildlife and landscapes. Highlights have included several films about Australia's famed saltwater crocodiles, the rare and elusive cassowary, as well as the creatures that inspired many Aboriginal Dreamtime legends and much of their rock art.


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