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Daniil Elterman,

Assistant Expedition Leader
Daniil Elterman expedition team silversea

Daniil’s wanderlust has taken him around the world, first by air and now by sea. He began his travel career as a crew member for Aer Lingus, where he spent four years globetrotting. Whilst he had thoroughly enjoyed his work with disabled children in Kentucky, as well as his short Chef career in U.K. and Latvia, it was definitely cruising and exploring that was meant to be his future.
His unrelenting passion for the sea and expedition travel coursed through his veins and he soon discovered he had found his calling. Always eager to delve into new places and adventures, this Latvia native has spent the past five years traversing places with names like Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, the Canadian Arctic, Antarctica, the Falklands, South Georgia, South America, India and the Maldives, West Coast of Africa and many more.
Daniil currently spends six to eight months at sea onboard Silversea Expeditions ships where he works as Assistant Expedition Leader. When not onboard, Daniil works as Expedition Staff Coordinator for Silversea Expeditions.
While working for Silversea, Daniil continues his education and recently obtained certificates in Massage, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. What little time remains, Daniil dedicates to birding, gym and reading.

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