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Daniel Arteaga,

Naturalist Guide
Daniel Arteaga expedition team silversea

Daniel´s involvement and endearment with the Galapagos National Park started when he was very young. Daniel´s parents have been part of the tourism industry of the islands since the late 1970s. He grew in Playa de Oro, San Cristobal and him and his family spent a great part of their lives on board ships and visitor sites.
Throughout his life Daniel has formed a deep connection with the archipelago by been a volunteer of National Park and community programs in his home port. This gave him the opportunity to get to know the Galapagos in a level that he never thought he would.

Daniel graduated with honors form an English-speaking school in Quito. After graduating from high school he studied medicine. However, he has decided to take a new career path and opted for neurobiology. He enrolled in a transfer program to University of California Davis in order to finish his Masters degree.

In the mean time, he enjoys sharing his experiences in the Galapagos with our visitors because he finds that in this archipelago we hold a microcosm of our planet. There is so much we can learn not only of our global ecology but of ourselves as a species. Daniel truly believes that through education we can achieve positive change. That is his driving force to share and learn as a guide of the Galapagos National Park.

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