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Conrad Combrink,

Director Expedition Cruises
Conrad Combrink expedition team silversea

Within months of Silversea’s 2007 purchase of the Silver Explorer (then Prince Albert II), Conrad Combrink was given the responsibility of creating and coordinating many of the important aspects of the newly created Silversea Expeditions cruise programme. Currently, as Director of Expedition Planning and Strategic Development he takes an active role aboard many Silversea Expeditions and is at the helm of strategic planning for all expedition itineraries, programme development, and expedition staff recruitment.

Before joining Silversea, Conrad had over 10 years of experience working in worldwide cruise expedition programmes, including onboard Noble Caledonia’s Island Sky and as Expedition Leader on the World Discover II – now one of Silversea’s expedition vessels (Silver Explorer).

Conrad’s infectious passion for expedition travel has taken him to all seven continents and some of the world’s most remote destinations, including Antarctica, the South Pacific, Russia’s Far East, Alaska, North Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf, Mediterranean, and West and North Africa. Each year he spends many months researching new destinations and loves travelling to little visited places to set up new and exciting adventures for Silversea guests.

Conrad holds a degree in Tourism Management and is a native of Cape Town, South Africa.

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