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Anjali Pande,

Marine Biologist
Anjali Pande expedition team silversea

Anjali has always been passionate about animals from a young age, and subsequently studied zoology, doing a side step into the marine world when organisms of the sea fascinated her. She completed her PhD in Marine Ecology in 2001, specializing in Marine Reserve research.

After completing her PhD, she was self employed doing science and construction diving to earn money to spend a year in Africa; diving, climbing and working on a Black Rhino conservation research project. After working for New Zealand Fisheries for 2 years, she was employed by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) as chief fisheries scientist, living and working on South Georgia sub-Antarctic island for 20 months. Subsequent to this stint in the deep south, she was bitten by the polar bug and she began working on expedition ships. She has spent three seasons on expedition ships in Antarctica and two in the Arctic.

Otherwise, Anjali lives for adventure sport and the outdoors and has been mountaineering and climbing for 20 years in all corners of the world. She is trained in Search and Rescue and when in more sunny climes spends a lot of time mountain biking and mountain running. Anjali is also rarely separated from her camera! At home in New Zealand currently she works for the Government in Marine Biosecurity.

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